Let’s talk wedding flowers. As a wedding photographer I see ALOT of flowers. I see flowers that I have never seen before in colours I didn’t know exist.¬†With a host of colours to choose from on your wedding day, where do you begin when choosing your wedding flowers?

1) Start with Colours that you LOVE
Your wedding day will be all about you and your partner, so by choosing colours that make you happy, it will help you feel relaxed and centred on the day. It will also help to pull a theme for the day together.

bridal bouquet wild and co

2) Choose flowers that are in season

By choosing the flowers that are in season, your florist will have a better chance of getting a hold of them and hopefully they will be cheaper than trying to source flowers that are out of season! Does this mean you need to change your wedding date to support your choice of favourite flowers??? Possibly!

single flower in vase wild and co wedding


3)What’s your venue like?
Where you are tying the knot may help you in deciding the style and colour of the flowers you are going to use. For example, at the beautiful Cowley Manor Hotel in the Cotswolds, the quirky and eccentric decor may see you using more vibrant colours as show here. The use of oranges and pinks against a purple wall and colour chairs, invites your guests into a vibrant show.

Pauntley Court ballroom wedding

4) If you can –
Create arrangements that you can offer to your guests at the end of the evening. What better way to say thank you to your Aunt or Granny then by offering one of the table floral displays for them to take home.. Maybe this is a very Canadian thing to do, but the other day I was at a venue and in the bins at the back, I kid you not there were four HUGE table displays just chucked in the bin. I could have jumped in and taken all those roses out… I was truly saddened by what I saw. SO! Be Canadian and offer them to your guests. I promise you they will LOVE the gesture and their houses will smell lovely for days!

wild and co floral arrangement wedding day Gloucestershire



Flowers in all the pictures above have been designed by the award winning Wild and Co owner Jules Whitfield.