Weddings can be delightful any time of the year. All you need is a little imagination, someone to marry and if you are getting married in cold weather months – something to keep you warm and cosy!

I was delighted to meet Emily and Andrew through a wonderful florist, Haze Lea (AKA Katharine) and when I met Emily and Andrew to photograph their engagement session, Emily and I discovered we both had a passion for The White Company (much to our husband’s disgust – more cushions is what I hear all the time!)

That pretty much sealed the deal for us both!

It is always a pleasure photographing weddings in the Cotswolds, whether they are manor homes such as Eastington Park or outdoor marquee weddings in the heart of the Cotswolds. To me it doesn’t matter where because they are all unique and gorgeous!

So when I arrived at Kingscote Barn on a windy and cold winter’s day, it did not disappoint. Emily and her bridesmaids were busy getting ready in the Byre when I arrived and the guys were still on route to Kingscote. Emily was completely chilled and soaking up the morning; which is exactly how I love to find a bride on her wedding day!

Once Andrew and the guys arrived, they found their room and one of my favourite moments of the day was watching them trying to get their ties right. After a number of attempts and lots of laughter, the ties were correctly around their necks and it was time to rock and roll.

solitaire diamond ring between shoes Kingscote Barn wedding photography

Kingscote Barn sign on road wedding photographer bridal prep Kingscote Barn clock on wall bride looking through chair Kingscote Barn prep photography

the byre sign Kingscote Barn wedding photographer field view from bridal suite Kingscote Barn wedding photographer little girls playing game on floor Kingscote Barn

bridesmaids walking outside Kingscote Barn January photographer  wedding dress hanging bridal suite Kingscote Barn winter wedding solitaire necklace diamond Kingscote Barn wedding bride reading letter Kingscote Barn photographer

groomsmen walking near fields Kingscote Barn wedding winter

baby asleep during wedding ceremony Kingscote Barn photography

couple with guests formal picture Kingscote Barn January wedding   dad crying Kingscote Barn wedding ceremony photography couple walking out of ceremony Kingscote Barn photographer

couple kissing in field Kingscote Barn January wedding photographer beautiful wedding breakfast January Kingscote Barn wedding photography

mrs sign on back of chair Kingscote Barn wedding

guest laughing saying cheers Kingscote Barn wedding photography

green leaves around wedding cake kingscote barn wedding photographers

menu Kingscote Barn wedding photography   bride and groom with sunlight coming through Kingscote Barn wedding    cake reflection in window Kingscote Barn Tetbury wedding photographer guests talking outside by fire Kingscote Barn photographer

couple dancing at Kingscote Barn winter wedding January black and white wedding photographer Kingscote Barn couple kissing