It may have been the wettest day of the week, but that did not dampen the spirits of Will and Aimee. A wedding planned to perfection; every detail you could possibly think of was taken care of. From the bespoke gifts for the groomsmen to the carefully designed sunflowers and maize dancing around the marquee as if they were embracing it in an all mighty bright sunny hug.

The rain held off until 10am; then the skies opened up.

Aimee and her gorgeous bridesmaids were full of laughter and excitement as they were being beautified by Georgia of Halo Hair and Katie Aldridge. With the wedding preparation in full swing, the men were carefully sorting out their tents which scattered over the front lawn of the farmhouse. The pizza boxes at the ready for a cold morning breakfast and Will was found relaxed, happily finishing off his speech.

The horse covered carriage and especially cleaned tractor (let’s be honest who who sees a clean tractor ever??? ) were waiting outside for the girls to take them up to the beautifully decorated Holy Trinity church in Wickwar.

As the heavens showered down confetti of raindrops on the church roof, Aimee and Will were inside, dry, with their closest family and friends saying their vows for their future.

The good thing about the rain is that it keeps everyone close, and the wine flowing. With the party in full swing in the early hours of the afternoon, by the time the dance was ready to begin the guests were more than ready to hit the dance floor and impress one another with their dance skills.

It could have been a disaster. Aimee could have been distraught at the weather. But they weren’t. The weather was embraced and a true party was had by all,  celebrating the wonderful relationship between two super fun people.

I wish you both all the best in your future and hope you have many sunny days ahead.

Alicia x