With the sun on our side and the Clifton Suspension bridge as the backdrop, Sash and Sean’s wedding day was everything they wanted it to be.

Meeting Sasha in Portishead at her hairdressers, she was surrounded by the women in her life that make her smile

Sean was found at the hotel looking dapper with his brother and close friends around him.

It was a Clifton wedding to remember. We decided to head out to do wedding portraits by the Clifton Suspension Bridge and when we arrived, there was a queue of brides and grooms waiting with their wedding photographer to have their pictures taken. We decided that since we were literally right there at the Avon Gorge Hotel for the reception, we would come back later when it was quiet. It paid off.

At around 7pm we walked out towards the bridge and had it all to ourselves. We even managed to grab a quick wedding picture on the middle of the bridge whilst crossing to the other side.

We had FUN!!! Lots of fun.

Great couple. Great family. It was all good.

Bristol wedding bouquet Clifton

bridal bouquet Clifton bride

bracelets on bride