Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Why not find inspiration in others who have gone before you!? I say heck yes!

Being a Gloucestershire wedding photographer I see so many different variations of wedding bouquets. I didn’t know much about flowers but after shooting weddings for years, I think I have seen it all now.

Bright colours, bold flowers, dried, soft and subtle, pinks, blues, greens, yellow – the sky is the limit to your wedding bouquet ideas.

My own personal experience from choosing my own bouquet and from listening to my florist friends, this is my advice when choosing your bouquet:

  1. Do what makes you happy. The following wisdom will be based on making you happy. If you choose what you like vs what your mum or friends think (sorry mum and friends but she is the bride) you will be happier on the day. You want to look at your flowers and know it is what you love, not what someone else said you should have.
  2. Do your research. AS amazing as Pinterest is, remember that bouquets cost money. We all look at beautiful ideas and think “YUP THAT’S THE ONE FOR ME“. We don’t think about how much it will cost, the time of year or where on earth we live… we just see it, like it, want it… then reality strikes!
  3. Pick colours you love – it will make you smile all. day. long!
  4. Stay in season.  Unless you have a big budget to blow, choosing flowers the florists can get in season will keep your costs down. Listen to what your florist suggests for flowers. Getting tulips in December is not an easy task or cheap!
  5. Trust your Florist – You are not just picking your bouquet up from the grocery store and putting string around it. Your bouquet will take time. Your florist will have gotten up at 4am to head to the flower market. Spent time picking each sprig and making sure it is at its best. The florist will then prepare the flowers and design each stem to perfection for you. And then to complete the love she has for her job, she packages it all up and delivers it to you.  This is time consuming and why you pay for a beautiful bouquet. So trust your florist and respect her prices. She is a professional and I totally believe you get what you pay for.

Enjoy the planning process and remember, when you hold that bouquet for the first time with your wedding gown on, hair and make up done, it will all be worth it. Have a glorious day!



Bouquets by Jules Whitfeld – Wild and Co

cotswold bride with wedding bouquet frog mill inn

bride with bridesmaids Frogmill Inn gloucestershire wedding photographers

coral bouquet Pauntley Court bride gloucestershire wedding photographers

bright wedding bouquet gloucestershire wedding photographers

blush wedding bouquet gloucestershire wedding photographer

peonie bouquet gloucestershire wedding photographers

pink and white peonies wedding bouquet gloucestershire wedding photographers

white wedding bouquet Gloucestershire wedding photographers


 Chrissie Wiltshire Flowers

wedding bouquet Bowood hotel wedding photographer Wiltshire


Bristol wedding bouquet Clifton


The Wilde Bunch

the Wilde bunch Gloucestershire wedding photographers

Barnsley House florist Corky and Prince

Barnsley House wedding photographer wedding bouquet


The Rose Shed 


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