The day started with the most brilliant weather, the sun was shining and the air was crisp. As I was driving to Cowley Manor through the colourful autumn leaves the Cotswolds are known for, I heard the radio presenter mention that someone had said the word “S-N-O-W”. No one believed him. I figured being in England, in October there was no way snow was possible; well how wrong we all were.

By the time Angela was dressed and walking down the stunning staircase of the great Cowley Manor, snow was falling to the ground.
It created a few change of plans to the day of outdoor photographs, but we managed to still make a confetti shot and sparkler exit happen! There was even dancing.
As a documentary wedding photographer, I really like to make sure the images I give my client are different to any other client’s weddings that take place at the same venue. I was really lucky that is was gently snowing and raining and we used the beautiful gates of Cowley to create a dramatic photograph which actually summed up the day.
I had the pleasure to also photograph some of the most insanely beautiful flower displays by the talented Jules of Wild & Co who was running around the venue all day creating magic wherever she went. From the registrars ceremony in the great room, to the blissing at dusk in the church by candlelight, there was a smell of loveliness and a touch of autumn every where we went.
Wishing the lovely couple a wonderful holiday in the SUN and HOT weather. It was a pleasure being your wedding photographer. Here is a little glimpse into their day.
Good luck with the winter weather everyone. I believe it may be the season of Uggs, down filled coats and Starbucks hot chocolates!!!
Stay warm!