People are often nervous at the thought of a marquee wedding in case it rains. Considering this year’s weather seems too good to be true, you can feel like you’re taking a chance on turning your perfect day into a mud bath with lace and high heals!

But let me put your mind at ease, marquees can be a wonderful affair. Even if the weather isn’t perfect, who doesn’t love being outdoors!? A marquee gives the sense of being outdoors and even if it is raining, they feel bright from the white materials and airy from natural air gently floating around.

These pictures were all taken on a wet and miserable day at Drakestone House, a beautiful Manor House located in the Cotswolds overlooking the River Severn.

As a wedding photographer in Gloucestershire, I experience so many different styles of venues and I have to say marquees are one of my favourite!

If you’re unsure of a marquee try and see one in the rain if you can. It may put your mind at ease as to how you can create the perfect day even if Mr Sun doesn’t come calling.


drakestone house wedding marquee