I know lately it seems like the big yellow fire ball in the universe know as the sun has forsaken us, but this time last year we were melting from the shear heat of it. As Emma and Sam prepped for their wedding at Warner’s Court, in Charfield, South Gloucestershire, putting up the marquee and prepping the barns,  they continued to fill their friends with cold drinks and laughter in order to keep them working hard – very hard.

As Saturday morning arrived I met a very excited Emma at the door of her parents house where all her closest friends congregated around her to add to the excitement that was mounting.

In the garden, Emma’s mum was found putting the final touches to her gestures of love – Emma’s wedding bouquet. A true sign of the love that endures between a mother and a daughter.

The day was a truly magnificent day. The church, full of friends and family and as they day went on and the wine continued to flow,  the magic only got better and better.

I can’t believe it has been a year already. After seeing Emma and Sam several weeks ago at another wedding I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I realised just what true love looks like – it looks like Emma and Sam.

Happy first anniversary to a sweet and remarkable couple.