We live in an amazing super humongous world and yet the small, tiny island of Great Britain is full of some of the most outstandingly beautiful places I have ever seen. Nestled in the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, Euridge House & Orangery or also known as The Lost Orangery is a wedding photographer’s dream venue.

As you walk onto the grounds and into the orangery, walls are a statement in themselves with the bold splash of orange on the walls and the heavy laden chandeliers hanging in all their glory surrounded by the abundance of greenery from a variety of ferns and plants that make it feel so welcoming.

The light that comes dancing through the floor to ceiling windows is beautiful, even when the weather outside is wrecking havoc on the landscape. As you walk downstairs to the ballroom, you again greeted by large windows and doors looking out on the gardens of Euridge House.

Everywhere you turn there is another interesting spot of light or spectacular piece hanging on the walls to catch your attention. The olive trees that line the hall to the grey cat that will instantly become your new best friend (I did totally fall in love with the cat!)

But it doesn’t even begin to end there; rather it is just the beginning of the Euridge House & Orangery experience. Their slogan is “Where Fairytales come to be found” and that is literally what it is (and I am a true romantic!!) Walking out to the gardens you will find the outstanding design created by “Isabel and Julian Bannerman as part of a ‘monastic settlement’ and painstakingly installed over almost a decade around the Wiltshire farmhouse of fashion magnate John Robinson, founder of the Jigsaw chain.”

The elegance of the gardens all the way down to the boathouse makes you feel like you have stepped back in time by a few hundred years. The cloisters, the small water displays, the perfectly manicured gardens and roses (thanks to head gardener Andy – say hi to him, he loves to have a chat!) All of this is yours exclusively for your event. It is amazing what is on our doorstep.

Photographing weddings in the Cotswolds is definitely an amazing experience because you never know where you will end up or discover. I am so blessed to have such architectural beauty on my doorstep.

So if you are planning your wedding and would like more information on how I can be your wedding photographer, I would love to hear from you. You can be anywhere in the world and we can make magic happen at The Lost Orangery, Euridge House & Orangery.