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Elmore Court Romance

The great gates of Gloucestershire wedding venue Elmore Court stand open, waiting to welcome guests onto this handsome venue sitting just on the outskirts of Gloucester. This is one of my favourite wedding venues because any Uk wedding photographer will tell you, you never know what the weather is going to give you on any day.

Elmore Court has the most versatile light no matter what the weather brings, so you know that as long as you have a good professional wedding photographer you are in great hands. On the morning of Tamsin and Tom’s wedding, the weather was foggy and raining; typical autumnal wedding weather (let’s be honest with each other – it’s not guaranteed sunshine in England!)

But by the time the Roseshed had delivered Tamsin’s wedding bouquet, the girls were heading down the stairs, the vows had been said and the registry was signed, the sun was coming out from behind the clouds. With a fluster of activity as the guests all took to the fresh air with a drink in their hand, I set to make quick work of photographing the family. The great Cotswold Wedding Guitarist, Matthew Bee, was serenading the guests with various renditions of Ed Sheeran and all the classics while people caught up with old friends and made new ones.

As the wedding party moved into the the award winning building, The Gillyflower the beautiful lit room for the wedding breakfast was perfectly decorated by the bride, Tamsin who owns Bespoke Signs and Stationary, the mastermind behind all the table settings and signs. It was perfectly designed. As the pheasants played happily on the grass outside the Gillyflower, inside the wedding music was playing, the drinks flowing and the food creating the most delicious aromas saw the dinner in full swing.

Wedding Photography is not a monotonous experience for me . Every time each couple bring their own mark to their wedding and that makes it about them. Long gone are the days of classical tradition is set in stone. Yes throw confetti as you walk down the aisle, absolutely take pictures of your family (even if it is in a row!), toast the couple, have a first kiss.

But! Why not add in your flavour to the mix; wear your veil on your shoulders instead of your head, have a reading that is from your favourite book or a funny story you heard at some point in your lives, definitely do the sparklers (just give your guests a fair warning you are covered in hairspray!) and yes bring out a surprise saxophonist to help get the dance party started.

Be you.

Be two as one.

Bring two families together under the true love for one another.

From the desk of a wedding photographer in the Uk; just be you and it will be awesome.