Should you have a traditional wedding cake or a cheese cake?

Cake has and will always be seen as a tradition at a wedding. I love to photograph guests as they walk into the venue for the wedding breakfast or reception because they always head straight to the cake table to admire the work that has gone into designing this edible art. 

The tradition of the wedding cake first came from Rome where a cake of wheat or barley was broken over the bride’s head to bring good fortune (Wikipedia).  But over time, tradition has been turned on its head with couples opting for different types of cake, designs and tastes. 


christmas wedding cake eastington park photographer

It can be easy to figure out what your favourite type of cheese is because it is regularly available in the grocery store for you to buy small samples and decide. And everyone has sampled birthday cake of vanilla or chocolate, maybe even adventurous birthday flavours like red velvet,  but choosing your favourite flavour of cake, especially when spending your wedding budget on it can be more daunting. Do you stay safe or venture into new wedding cake trends?


So what type of wedding cake should you choose?


Sweet Tradition

If you are a sweet tooth kind of person, or you have guests that are, you are giving them a real treat by offering a beautifully crafted wedding cake. Cakes can size from a single tier to several tiers depending on your budget. The price of wedding cakes will vary among cake designers. But there is a cake out there for everyone! Depending on how many guests you have attending, that will determine your wedding cake portions and the size of your cake. 


Popular Gloucestershire cake designer Katherine of Cherish Cakes states the most popular wedding cake sizes are three tiers of 9”/7”/5” which serves approximately 120 slices of cake.naked wedding cake gloucestershire photographer


Thanks to the incredible cake designers in the Gloucestershire area, you can now live in different parts of the country and have your wedding cake samples delivered straight to your doorstep. 


Katherine will arrange to have a sample of flavoured sponges delivered to your door. The most popular wedding cake flavours are vanilla, raspberry and lemon with lemon curd. Although new trends are raging for 2021 wedding cakes such as raspberry and prosecco. For more information on designing a Gloucestershire wedding cake please feel free to contact Katherine for a taster sample wedding box.  







Savoury wedding cake


A second option that people will choose is to have a savoury wedding cake made from cheese. Choosing their favourite, or a group of popular cheeses, couples will have the cheese tiered into a mountain of cheese awesomeness for their guests to study before having it sliced and laid out around fresh fruit and crackers for their evening guests to enjoy whilst the dancing and evening entertainment commences. 


Cheese wedding cake with a selection of cheese can create a real statement for your guests.  wedding cheese cake great tythe barn photographer   

L’affinage have put together a range of cakes to suit every budget, taste and occasion from small intimate celebrations to larger gatherings with many hungry mouths to feed.
Many couples visit L’affinage in person where they can sit down do a cheese tasting where together you can build a cheese cake to love.  Some couples want a particular cheese from a certain location, others soon find new cheeses they have never tried and become new favourites.  It’s about making an enjoyable and personal experience you will never forget.
Not everyone can make it to a tasting in South Gloucestershire so L’affinage have put together a sample box of each cheese cake which are available to purchase online so you can have your very own cheese tasting at home.  The cost of the box is then deductible from your wedding cheese cake when ordered online. They are also the only website online to offer both a ‘naked’ and ‘dressed’ cakes so you can imagine how it may look.
All their wedding cheese cakes have proved very popular, although the ‘Bollington’ has been the most popular cake lately.  Louise, owner of L’affinage has a personal favourite which is the ‘Pentlow’, a perfectly proportioned stack of British cheeses.  They are lucky enough to be able to visit local dairies where they hand-select many of their Somerset cheeses for a couples wedding day.  It’s that personal touch and attention to detail which continues to mark them apart from the rest!


Usually, couples will choose a hard cheese for the bottom tier so as the cake grows in tiers, the softer cheese such a brie will sit proudly on the top. It is also easier to add a cheese cake topper in a softer cheese. 

If you would like to decorate your wedding cake with beautiful flowers and fruit, ask your wedding florist for extra flowers which can be used to decorate the cake. Sometimes they will even decorate the cake for you if it is ready when they arrive to set up. If not, the caterers may add the flowers to make your cake a wow statement. 

For more information on L’affinage cheese cake selections please visit their website for more information.


So WHAT will you choose??? 

I am so lucky to have the opportunity to photograph some of the most beautiful weddings in the Cotswolds and Gloucestershire area. Wedding cakes are something that I see a lot of as a wedding photographer, and I have also sampled ALOT of cake. 

So take the time to discover what you truly love and what you think your guests will like. Make your wedding cake a true wedding statement. By doing this it will give your wedding photographer something incredible to document for you. If you would like more information on wedding photography and packages please contact me here. I would love to discuss your wedding plans and of course wedding cake choices! 

naked wedding cake Gloucestershire wedding photography
Cake designed by Cherish Cakes at Hare and Hounds Hotel, Tetbury wedding venue
cheese cake great tythe barn wedding photography
Wedding cheese cake at the beautiful Tetbury wedding venue The Great Tythe Barn
brownie wedding cake gloucestershire
A unique wedding cake tower of brownies by Cherish Cakes

naked wedding cake chocolate cherish cakes

If you are looking for more information on what you can set your wedding cake on, head over to this blog on creating beautiful cake table awesomeness for your wedding cake. Get away from the boring white tablecloth and get your wedding cake put onto a statement piece that will show off its’ true Mastercraft.