I have the BEST couples.

Each couple is individual and each wedding unique and that’s what makes my job so interesting.

It’s never the same shot, or same look. Even if a bride wears a dress that I have photographed before, I guarantee it’s a completely different look of beauty and elegance on a different bride.


Elmore court evening wedding couple 

It was just after dinner and we decided to sneak off  and have a few minutes with just the two of them (and me hiding in bushes!) It was really nice and there were lots of laughs and cuddles.

When you’re planning your wedding, I always recommend as a wedding photographer to plan in a few minutes here and there throughout your day to sneak off and have a few quiet moments together. Your day will fly by and you will be loved constantly by all your guests, so to have ten minutes with your new husband or wife is priceless (plus you can get a few great pictures!)

Happy Monday to you all and stay warm!!