With a beautiful autumnal wedding taking place in the hall of Elmore Court; it was just the most beautiful light cascading through those windows that any wedding photographer could ask for.

The guests were seated, Tom and his brothers were waiting nervously at the top (even his brothers were nervous) with the angels looking down on them. AS the music started, I was in place ready to photograph the most beautiful Tamsin come sweeping down the aisle to her best friend Tom.



I love readings. I don’t think people realise how quickly the ceremony goes on your wedding day. One minute you are walking down the aisle and the next you are walking back down the same aisle with your partner for life. To take the time and have two or three readings I believe it is a really special part of the ceremony. By asking your parents, a godmother, a special friend, to read something that is close to your heart allows you to just breathe. To soak in the time of what is actually happening. It is a moment where you don’t have to do anything. You aren’t really being watched. You can just stand there, holding the hand of your dearest and breathe.

Tamsin and Tom had readings by two family members, and it was so sweet to watch their reactions as they were read to one another.


Signing the Register

During the signing of the register, a wedding photographer is asked politely (but VERY firmly) by the registrars to not photograph this part of the ceremony. Due to the data protection act it is unlawful to photograph this document. So while Tamsin and Tom were busy doing the important legal big, I can stand back and photograph the guests chatting quietly. I can shoot from a distance what is happening around the registrar. But once that is done, the registrars will pull out a fake book and we begin the photographing of the formal register.



Caterer: Elmore Court
Florist: The Rose Shed
Hair Stylist: Charlotte Tillyer
DJ: Luke Nukem
Musician: Sarah Sax
Cake Designer: Bride (Tamsin) and Grooms Nan (Janet)
Suit: Reiss.
Make-Up: Charlotte Tillyer
Wedding Dress: WED2B