Alice and Alex are awesome. PERIOD.
When they met with me in Filton, Bristol and asked me to photograph their wedding I knew I was in for a crazy awesome ride and they have not disappointed!!!

Alice’s love for vintage was intwined with my photography to create a style shoot which was photographed in the style of Wes Anderson.
Meeting with them at their beautiful house in Yate, we created a matt finish and vintage collection of photographs. We had a blast making this session magical.
The best part was, as I was lying on the ground photographing their feet (as you do!) I could feel this shadow approaching me. As I turned around, there above me was this ginormous Great Dane! I looked over at Alice and I could see her look of “oh my goodness I want those dogs in my picture!”  So, I pulled off my Canadian accent and asked if the dogs would mind being part of the show. The gentleman kindly agreed and tadda, we have this awesome picture with a great dane and his not that much smaller doggy friend!
At the end of the shoot, we did a quick change and also styled a 90’s theme which you can find in the next blog.
All in all it was super fun!! If you would like more information on a pre wedding session or wedding photography please feel free to contact me.
Alicia x