Where are you getting ready?

Are you prepping at your parents house or a venue? What’s your reason? Is it sentimental?

Choose a location that makes your wedding day run smoothly. The day may seem like it starts off slowly when you awake at 6am. The adrenaline will be running high and as your bridesmaids arrive, the hair and make up starts up and the florist comes knocking on your day, you will soon feel like you are only moments away from your walk down the aisle.

Reasons for choosing your prep location:

Parent’s or family members house

If your wedding venue is local to where you grew up, the idea of getting ready in your parent’s or grandparent’s house, the place where your little girl dreams began may be appealing. When your wedding photographer begins photographing your preparation, sentimental items may end up in your wedding photographs. For example, your wedding dress may be laid on a bed surrounded by your childhood memorabilia. Or you may put on your wedding dress in your parent’s bedroom. These are the little moments that will help keep you calm on your wedding day, but also make the little girl dream a reality. The one downside (I will be devils’ advocate because I have been to a lot of weddings!) is that if you want that clean, magazine feel to your wedding photographs, it is harder to do in a lived in area. BUT, to prepare for this if that is the look you want but without the clutter, ask your parents to give the room you will be putting your dress on in a quick tidy up. The less clutter there is the cleaner the wedding pictures will look. (Saying all that – I bet your parents house has no issue like this and it will be your bridesmaids you will be hollering at to clean up their stuff!)


If you are keen to have all your wedding day happen in one location this is also great. By having it all in one place you may have the joy of watching your guests arrive as you are preparing. You will be near the hustle and bustle as your wedding minions run around doing last minute jobs that you asked them to do. It can also cut down on costs such as transportation to your wedding venue. As I said above, by having your preparation take place at your venue, you will get a more magazine feel to your wedding photographs as the rooms only have the minimum clutter. You will be however yelling at your bride squad to chuck all their stuff that’s lying around in the wardrobe! But that’s a quick fix and I am more than happy to be given that job. We’ll get the look you want (wink wink)

So no matter what you decide, try and make a decision based on how you think you will feel on the day. If you have never been married before it is hard to imagine what the emotions will be like on your wedding day. Use the wisdom that is given to you by others who have/are married and let that help guide your decision. The one thing you want at the end of the day is to have a relaxing day without extra stress preparation.

I wish you wonderful wedding planning and if you are still looking for your wedding photographer, please feel free to get in touch for more information on how I can be of assistance on your wedding day.


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