As a wedding photographer, I have learnt to think SUPER FAST on my feet and create magic in my camera as it unfolds before me. I don’t have time to move people around or tell my clients “Ok, if you could just walk down the aisle a little slower” or “If you could just laugh at this precise moment that would be great” or “can you just make a magical kiss by tipping your bride back right when I say go”… yup… those moments they don’t happen. I have to be ready for what I think is going to happen next to help make time stand still for your moment to become a picture. And I love it.

I love being two steps ahead of people. I love knowing that I have done so many weddings I can pretty much predict what comes next and therefore I can be ready to hit a button on my camera to get that moment. It is these moments that you pay for a professional wedding photographer, rather than having just a friends do it.

Your friends are there to enjoy your day, drink champagne and hit the dance floor. I am sure your guests love you to BITS, but to hope they have their camera prepped for the special moment is asking ALOT.

Believe me I KNOW…. We did it…

(what’s the saying? “Been there, done that, got the t-shirt!?”… YUP CHECK CHECK CHECK)







(sorry friends you know we all love you it’s not your fault!!)

Listen folks. Hire a professional. I am not saying this because I want your money, I am saying this because I have made the mistake of not having a professional photographer for the whole day. Before I became a wedding photographer, my husband was truly convinced our friends could photograph our wedding for us perfectly. They all had digital cameras (can I make it clear this is over 11 years ago when DSLR’s were not carried around by everyone, iPhones’ didn’t exist and 4 mega pixels was HUGE!)

I managed to get a compromise of 2 hours with a professional photographer for our formal pictures only and guess what we got for our full wedding day ??? 84 professional pictures that we look decent in.

No offence to our friends but they were not there to be our wedding photographers,  they were there to live in the moment and celebrate our day with us.  That’s what we invited them for.

84….. Can I reiterate that one more time…  84 pictures….

Talk about my husband NEVER living this down EVER (I do love him but he will NEVER live this down). It is only after the fact that we realise we should have spent the money on having someone there, who is only there to do a job and that is, to capture the moments of our day.

A wedding photographer knows how the day works, they know when little moments may come such as the order of service in a ceremony and when the first kiss comes or the bride walking down the aisle. Wedding photographers know to quickly change the settings in their camera to handle low light situationsor a change in the weather.

It makes all the difference and the one thing you will not regret spending the money on. Find it in your budget and I mean it – you will not regret it.

So feast your eyes on a sample from my wedding pictures. From friends to professional. Let me know what you think!



upside down picture with gloucestershire wedding photographer