So I love a good bargain. My husband will always leave it to me to find the best price because he knows I LOVE to get my money’s worth. So why should it be any different when you are shopping around for the most important supplier to your wedding: your photographer.

You will be hunting for someone that is:

1) Within in your budget

2) Offers you a service that works for you and your partner

3) Makes you feel comfortable and happy.

Today I met a lady today who told me horror story about her wedding photographer. She said she had to take her photographer to court because he never showed up to take their pictures … Yeh tell me about it! Instead he sent along someone who she had never been introduced to. She had never seen their work before and had no idea who this person was. The pictures were horrible and she walked about with being £1500 poorer and nothing to show for it.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to MEET (yes meet up, not just text, call or email) your photographer. There are so many con men out there trying to rip people off and why would you leave such an important job in the hands of a complete stranger. If your photographer doesn’t want to meet up or keeps making excuses I would highly suggest having second thoughts.

Get to know your potential photographer. Do they suit your style? Are they friendly? Do they make you smile and feel comfortable when you are sitting around chatting? If any of these questions makes a little red light go off in your mind then maybe you need to think twice.

Your wedding day is supposed to be relaxed and stress free (other than getting yourself dressed and down the isle… oh and not forgetting the all important statements you have repeat). You need to leave your photography in the hands of the professional who you have met and created a timeline with. Someone who you know will give you what you are looking for.

Good luck! Happy hunting!!