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Your wedding photography date is secured once I have received your booking form and booking fee.

Of course! Please get in touch if you have more bespoke wedding photography in mind. Not every wedding is the same and neither is my wedding photography. Let’s discuss your plans in more detail. I just want to be your wedding photographer because I know it is going to be AWESOME!

As many times as you like! All wedding pictures from your wedding day come available for you to download in print and web format on your own personal private, password protected gallery which can be shared with your family and friends anywhere in the world! If you would like to try a sample of an online wedding gallery click here.

This is will take you to an online gallery.Use the password “sample”

To download a picture, use the heart icon in the corner. This will create a favourites list. You can pick a couple of pictures you like and when ready to download, just use the pin number – 7183 to download. It will ask you which size you would like to download in. You can do this again and again! It is so super simple.

If you are downloading to your phone or Ipad, you can also download straight to Dropbox and Google Photos.

USB is no longer needed – access your wedding photographs from anywhere in the world!

Absolutely. Although I shoot most weddings by myself, if you would like a second photographer, please ask for this option when filling in the contact form.

A wedding day for a wedding photographer is usually 2 hours before the ceremony and finishes a few songs after the first dance — but hey, if your guests are on the dance floor shaking what the good Lord gave them I am happy to be up the floor with them catching their moves for longer. I am in no rush to leave and will only go once I feel I have everything I need for your wedding story.

The copyright is always held by the photographer, but you have full use of the images for printing and sharing. Should you need them for anything else, please just ask and we can discuss your requirements.

I am there to tell your story. I will tell it with as many pictures as it takes. For that reason, I can’t put a number on it. I can promise you there will be TONS of pictures. There will be moments captured that you didn’t even know were happening. I will be on the dance floor with you and your guests, I will be hiding in the trees and climbing on fences; whatever it takes to get your story documented.  If it is good enough to go in the gallery, I will give it to you.

Your wedding gallery will come on an online gallery which is password protected for you. You will have a special PIN number in which to use (and share with friends and family) to download your images in 2 different sizes.

This makes it perfect for sharing on Facebook or Instagram, emails and also printing as big as your HOUSE (if you want a picture of your wedding day that big — you never know!)

If you want to see a sample of what a wedding collection looks like, please head over to my Sample Wedding Collections where you can see what you can expect your wedding gallery to be like.

An online gallery is so flexible with the option to download to a computer, Google photos or Dropbox. You can be anywhere in the world and you can access your wedding gallery with the click of a button.

If you are at lunch with a friend, you can pull out your phone and instantly access your wedding gallery right there. It is also perfect for sharing with friends and family that could not make it to the wedding. They can see the day unfold right there on their screen.

The other best thing (if there aren’t enough already !!) is that anyone you share the gallery with can “favourite” their favourite pictures, download just the ones they like and/or print them from a professional UK lab which will have them delivered to the door within days.

Please email me or fill in the contact form. I promise I will email you back within 24hrs. BUT pretty please send me your phone number. I will ONLY text you to say I have emailed you back because so many times emails end up in the junk mail and I don’t want people to think I am ignorant. I won’t hassle you. I promise.

Yes I love to travel and would be more than happy to hear about where you are getting married. I’ve never been to space, but I quite like the idea of a wedding there.

Absolutely. Better safe than sorry my mom always says.