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Planning a Surprise Proposal

Wondering how to propose?

Surprise marriage proposals can be nailed.

With a little patience, a lot of secrecy, and tons of planning.

BUT it’s worth it.

So how do you plan it?

4 Points to Consider When Planning the Perfect Surprise Proposal:

1. Proposal location: What Type of Person is Your Partner?

This is a fundamental question to ask yourself. Think about what type of person your partner is. Do they like their nails done? Are they muddy boots and hair-up kind of person or romantic and candles? Would they prefer a romantic proposal in the Cotswolds at a venue such as Torthworth Court or Whatley Manor, or a walk through the woods of Gloucestershire?  Maybe they would prefer to have their family surrounding them as you ask the all-important question.

These are important questions to ask because it can make or break the moment for you. They may not appreciate being asked in the forest or by the beach. Or they might want their nails to look perfect and their makeup done. Remember – your partner has been waiting their whole life for this moment, so time and patience is really important for your proposal ideas to be brought to life. But as much as they’ve been waiting for your proposal, you’ve also been waiting to nail it. So NAIL it!


2. Choose a Proposal Photographer

Choose a proposal photographer that has done it or is SUPER organised. You need them to help you have plan A, B, C and maybe Z! So many things need to be factored in such as the weather, people in the area, or even other suppliers. It’s important that they’re happy to talk to you often, go in your phone as “Mike” and be available for last-minute changes. This is so much more than just a “shoot”. The person running the shoot is actually the one person who has NO aides what is happening ? 

I recommend that when planning the surprise proposal if you would like a photographer or videographer there to document your moment, that you speak to them on the phone. I spend a lot of time as a Gloucestershire proposal photographer helping my clients plan their event. They will have the basics in place, but you will need your photographer to help you iron out all the extra questions you may not have thought about. The more organized you and your photographer are, the better chance of nailing it to perfection.

3. Cost

So you have planned a weekend getaway, you are having a Michelin star dinner and now you need to find the photographer. I know I am the photographer, but believe when I say you don’t want to skimp on your photographer. What is the point of doing all the hard grafting for your proposal to feel disappointed with the pictures? I always include the consultations (as many as you need) to plan the proposal to the second. I will arrange to be your proposal “spot” before your proposal shoot so I am always there at least 30 minutes before your proposal “time” because like I said before, things can change and your partner could decide to come down early and then to follow your proposal we will have an engagement session. What better time to capture the beauty of emotion then right after you have asked? We will walk the grounds or the area in which you have done the proposal, and I will try my utmost to get you a couple of pictures edited and sent to you on the same night (time allowing) so you can share with your world your proposal! Surprise proposal collections can include photography only or you can add a film to capture the emotion to keep forever. Believe when I say the film is priceless. You will watch it again and again.

The proposal takes less than 30 seconds from the time your knee hits the floor until you are in one another’s arms. It will go so quickly you will want to replay it again. One of the most common remarks straight after the proposal from the partner is, “oh my gosh what just happened!? Can we do it again?” haha it is THAT fast!

Gloucestershire proposals start at £400.00. For more information please get in touch and we can talk in more detail – just make sure when you call your partner isn’t around and you can call me Mike!

 4. Relax

Try and relax on the day. Easier said than done I know. but you need to believe in your plan. Between all the planning you have to “go with the flow”. You can have an area set up or the exact timings perfect, but things can change because you aren’t running the show; your partner is. If they decide to come down late or don’t want to get wet because it is raining out, or they are taking longer to get ready, you need to relax. If you don’t they will start to realise something is up. Don’t blow the last few minutes because things aren’t going to plan. 

This is why you need a patient proposal photographer who understands that sometimes things run over or you have to change the day because the weather decided to drop a rainstorm on your special day. Things can be moved and changed, it just means you need to maybe sleep on that ring for a few more days – or you have to change your plans and do things inside. BUT don’t panic… I promise you it will be ok!

My final thoughts to you are this – if you would like to speak in more detail about your UK surprise proposal;  let’s talk. I am happy to travel and believe me when I say I am good at these. I have been on both sides of the camera. I have been proposed to, I have seen so many proposals and helped plan them and I know what works and what doesn’t.



Let’s Talk About Your Surprise Proposal Photography

Send an email and let’s begin planning your surprise proposal.

I will send you a text to let you know I have replied signed “Mike” (Don’t want to give anything away!)


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