True Romantic

Who’s a romantic at heart ??! How about this for a romantic surprise proposal:

I get a call from this super cool American who says he’s bringing his girlfriend into the Cotswolds to propose.  They’re staying at Tortworth Court, Gloucestershire and he would like to have his surprise proposal documented – would I be his proposal photographer?

My answer: ḧ̤ë̤c̤̈k̤̈ ÿ̤ë̤ä̤!!!!

The Plan

The Surprise Proposal details…

We plan it down to the last detail.  They come walking into the gardens. The phone is out. Selfies being taken as they walk around. They make their way strategically over to where I’m secretly guarding a solitaire diamond hanging on a rose bush.

So I don’t look out of place hanging around a garden with a satchel (my camera was hidden in my bag until the moment), I kindly ask, as any friendly tourist would if they’d like me to take their picture, “it’s too beautiful not to have a picture” (at least to have a decent phone picture)

Emma passes me her phone, she cuddles up next to her man and I take one picture. I’m pretty sure she thought ( and I could be wrong) that Kurt might pull out all the stops. It’s a good time for him to ask her now while I’m holding her phone (if she was planning it!) But she isn’t planning it. He is.


The Execution

As I pass back the phone, Kurt is already making his way to the ring. By the time Emma turns around from thanking me, Kurt is down on one knee.

Through tears and laughter, the ring was placed on her finger. Kurt and I did a fist pump in the air (I know I know but we did it!) we pulled it off.

It’s not easy trying to make romance romantic and secretive all at the same time. But we nailed it.


Engagement Photographs

With a big congratulations, we walk through the gardens and take engagement photographs. Documenting the beginning of their new chapter together.

Life is never dull in my photography business. I’m so lucky to have great adventures. If you’ve been proposed to I’d love to know how it was done or if you’d love to BE proposed to, what’s your dream proposal?

If you are planning a surprise proposal get in touch with me. I have had the pleasure of being a surprise proposal photographer a few times now and it is always fuelled with excellent.

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