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Micro Weddings

Planning an Intimate or Micro Wedding

Did you have your perfect wedding day already planned? Has the year 2020 changed everything about your dream wedding? If you have answered yes to any of this my heart breaks for you. But guess what!? You WILL get married and it WILL be fantastic.

As a Gloucestershire wedding photographer, I have seen weddings go from postponement to postponement… to, can I say it a third time!?!? POSTPONEMENT. It has been madness. I have spent more hours on the phone and email to clients trying to move dates for their perfect day. It has definitely been a challenging time.

But the good news is intimate, elopement and micro weddings are the new IN.

A micro wedding doesn’t mean you can’t still have your dream wedding day, rather it means you can have an intimate wedding with 15 people (at this point in time) or maybe just the two of you and make your marriage official. The party can come at a later date.

After having to postpone two or three times, many of my couples are now opting for the option of an intimate micro wedding (or just leaving everything behind and eloping!)

The question is how do they work? What do you get with a micro wedding photographer? Will your intimate wedding photography still be captured as you want it? Can you still get everything you want to be photographed during an elopement wedding? The answer is YES!

Micro Wedding Photography

There are a number of ways to plan your micro wedding photography. I offer micro collections that cover weddings from 2-5 hours long. Because micro weddings are so unique and quite new for us all, there are a few options to consider:

1. Do you want a wedding photographer to cover your preparation?

Are you having a hair and makeup artist coming to your house still? Are you getting ready with your girlfriends? With the new rule of 6, it does make it tricky to have everyone together during prep. One option is to have a second photographer who can cover the prep that is happening elsewhere with your wedding party.  For example, the lovely Jess had the family in her house to get ready with, but it meant she couldn’t be with her bridesmaids. Instead, she is saving that experience for her big wedding. So instead a second photographer went and documented her bridesmaids who all got ready together elsewhere. She still got the pictures and had the opportunity to live the moment with them; it just came after the wedding instead.


2. Have a photographer show up 10 minutes before you arrive at the church or registered venue.

Document the ceremony, the confetti and then go off and have some portraits of the two of you. Take the time to just be together. there is no rushing around. You don’t have 200 guests to hug and congratulate you. Instead, you get to run off with your new husband or wife and find great places to take pictures of your marriage. Yes, this can all be done again on your big wedding day, but it will be extra special on your micro wedding.


3. Having a mini wedding breakfast? Speeches? Guess what – speeches can happen twice.

The speakers will just be less nervous in the second round! Or they will know what they want to change to make the second round even better! Just because you re down to 15 doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. I think you will find your micro wedding feelings will be different to your big wedding feelings. The feeling of relief and joy come with a micro wedding. The relief you have done it and can get on with your lives. Joy because of the excitement of getting married and the first time you wear your dress and walk down the aisle.

I hope the micro wedding pictures below give you an idea of the love and joy that comes from planning your wedding photography. Don’t worry if you have mixed feelings about it all. It is ok to feel frustrated during all this crazy. At this point, we have no idea what 2021 and 2022 holds, but what you can plan for is the joy of becoming a Mr or Mrs, even if it is on an intimate and small scale.

For more information on my micro wedding photography services please get in touch.  I offer a variety of wedding photography packages and prices that cater to different types of weddings. I am here for you. I have got your back. Let’s get you married!