A Cotswold Surprise Proposal


The Beginning…

Magic can happen anywhere when you have love and the words that involve, “will you marry me?”

But when you take a little time to make the moment extra special that is when you will see fireworks.

I was actually a wedding videographer at a Gloucestershire wedding when I met Laura and Alex. Laura was a bridesmaid and when I met her I instantly smiled. She has the most radiant love for life. She explained how she followed me on Instagram and that she loved my work. I am always deeply honored when someone praises my wedding photography and videography business because I work so hard to give my clients the best experience.

As the day progressed I met her boyfriend Alex. Once the evening had begun and everyone had spread out, Alex pulled me to one side to ask me if he could have a word. He told me how Laura and he had been together for ten years and he wanted to pop the question, but with my help.

The Middle…

I am lucky enough to have helped orchestrate a number of surprise proposals with others in the past. So we pretended to be talking about cars, I slipped him my number and we started the planning of the surprise proposal for their engagement.

We talked about a number of different ideas and areas in which the proposal could take place. I mentioned that it was important to consider the special things they share as a couple. Alex told me how he always left her little notes or letters… well that was it! We started to dream up a sensational surprise proposal. We decided to do it somewhere new and to include her mum and dad as they are both very special to them.

I was supposed to do a beautiful surprise proposal for a couple from London last year but unfortunately, the pandemic got in the way and it was canceled as the country went back into lockdown. By the time we came out of lockdown the poor guy had to come up with different plans. But I had the opportunity to go and visit the beautiful Whatley Manor, based in Gloucestershire in the Cotswolds. Whatley Manor is a magical getaway in the heart of the Cotswolds. Set in 12 acres of gardens with a long tree-lined driveway which led Laura right into the heart of the gardens where Alex would be waiting.

The BEST part

As Laura came down the steps into the gardens to meet her soon-to-be fiance, the love that was bursting was witnessed by the guests of Whatley Manor as they watched the surprise proposal in the Cotswold gardens unfold before them. There were tears, laughter, and celebration as Laura said yes and their new chapter in life begins.

You can have the option of adding additional items to your documentation of your proposal such as photographs and a video. We will work together to create a documental piece of history that you can relive every year. I promise you, you will get older, times will change, but you will forever have this important moment, the beginning of your new family down in history forever.


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