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You have shared your new engagement news with friends and family, you’re wearing the ring and now the time has come to start booking wedding suppliers. As you begin your search to find a Gloucestershire wedding videographer and photographer, it is very important that you choose the right person for the job(s). It is a BIG decision. You will spend more time with your wedding photographer and videographer on your wedding day than your new spouse. From wedding preparation photographs down to the first dance as a new official couple, your suppliers will be there all day.

I work closely with my clients from day one to make sure that we develop a strong relationship before your wedding day occurs. I want to photograph your day as it unfolds. The nervous tension, the laughter with friends, the first kiss, putting on your shoes to the last second before you walk through the doors and head towards your new future; I am there to document it all.

I have worked in so many beautiful Gloucestershire wedding venues. I love being in many different types of wedding venues such as manor houses, rustic barns, hotels and Inn, to marquees in fields of wildflowers. Wherever you get married you have chosen that place for a reason. I am honoured to be a recommended wedding photographer and videographer at a number of prestigious venues such as Berwick Lodge, No 131, Bowood HotelCowley ManorBarnsley House and Pauntley Court.

May you be inspired by the beauty of someone else’s perfect day. What matters to you matters to me. I pride myself on being the best UK wedding photographer and videographer so my clients are happy to recommend me to their family and friends.

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