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Cake tables!

You spend so much time planning the design of your cake, and making it fit your wedding story and then it arrives in all its glory … and gets placed on a borrowing round table with a white tablecloth.

HELLO!!! It’s screaming at you under all that glorious buttercream “PLEASE PUT ME ON A PEDESTAL AND BE A SHOWSTOPPER!!”

wild and co floral arrangement wedding day Gloucestershire

Why not add a drop of awesomeness ? To your cake table by doing some of the most simple things such as:
– adding a dresser or vintage table (NO Tablecloth) and make that cake the centre of attention (other than you of course!)
– you could easily use a beautiful cake stand from Custom Props who offer a selection of stunning cake ? stands.
– Or get in touch with a designer such as Wilmott & Daughter and see what magic Alice has in her brilliant mind ? (Alice is like Mary Poppins and the magic bag – loads of amazing things come out!)

The ideas are endless!!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Ps cakes are the wonderful designs by  Victoria’s Cake Designs, Bristol located near Tortworth Court.