All week it was beautiful, warm and sunny, but on Saturday morning, the weather changed. Clearly the gods knew a Glastonbury festival was due to happen… wedding style.

I arrived at Pennard Hill Farm, Somerset for the wettest wedding I have shot on record. I arrived just a few minutes before the ceremony, so I met Jenny dressed in her beautiful Monsoon wedding gown for the first time and she was ALL smiles. Jenny was more than happy to embrace the weather given to her and Jack for their wedding day.

The guests who were camping in tepees on the farm came prepared and the ladies put their high heels in the suitcase and donned the fashion of the wellie boot. From green to blue to bright yellow, it was high fashion meets wellie boot wedding day and it looked great!

The ceremony was scheduled to take place in the beautiful gardens of Pennard Hill and even with the rain, it was still going ahead. Guests brought camp chairs and umbrellas and a ton of good humour.

Jack was out with the guests, dressed in his tailored suit from Clifton Suits when Jenny tapped him on the shoulder and he saw her for the first time. The reaction was priceless. It was the reaction any girl would want for a first look.

As a wedding photographer, I have shot a lot of weddings, but I have never been so wet before. I stood outside the pagoda with no umbrella shooting what has to be the best wedding ceremony. The guests had been set up inside tents but upon the ceremony beginning they couldn’t hear the registrar, so they ditched the tents and came in nice and close to create an intimate ceremony for Jenny and Jack.

Once the ceremony was official, everyone headed for the Glastonbury festival aka Weddingbury marquee overlooking the Mendip hills. The sky was dramatic and yet as you entered the tent, it was like walking into the most beautiful and bright day! There was colour EVERYWHERE!  Jack had mentioned before the wedding that his one wish was for his photographs was vibrant colours. I said if he produced a vibrant tent he would get vibrant pictures; I wasn’t disappointed.

From the Weddingbury sign that was made by family and friends, to the table settings and cake, everywhere you looked colour was flashing (even down to Jenny’s dance shoes!)

Jenny and Jack, I wish you all the best for your future together and may you always have sunshine on a cloudy day.

If you are getting married and would like to have more information on how I can create your wedding story, please get in touch… Should I mention I am not afraid of the rain!?